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The way I travel inspired me to create this web-site, encouraging people to experience the world from the perspective of doing and being, not just seeing. Let’s call it Authentic Holidays.


So what is my way of travelling? Easy: experiencing the place by becoming as local as possible. Here you go with workshops and activities which can be done only in this particular place and time (like painting in a very arty city, or eco-farming in a well-developed countryside), meeting locals – by simply going to places where aborigines hang out or maybe getting connected to a local guide (not a guide in touristic sense, but a person loves showing around in his/her city).


The only thing you won’t find here is that popular phrase ‘how I travel the world for free’. Sorry. I don’t know how to travel the world for free or even with five bucks in my pocket. But I know how to use money wisely and get a lot of memories, impressions, and emotions for what you give away. As for me it’s a fair barter.


Let me introduce you to the haveneverbeenthere way of travelling, and who knows, maybe you like it and want to convert.


Who are we? Our characters

1 - About us


Me, H – the travel addict. The slave who’s doing weeks-long research, books tickets, accommodation, tours & guides. Don’t thank me, be my guest.







2 - About us


Tavşan Surat – the real star. Look at the bottom left of the page – exactly, that’s him. Once jumped out of the box, never returned back. Insatiable traveller, he’s always insisting on some kind of luxury in our trips. A fine dining instead of a cooking class, five-star hotel instead of a bungalow, retro car rental instead of a train ticket. Still, he’s a good guy.

How to use the web-site & plan your authentic holidays

Simply filter at the start page by choosing a priority – either a specific activity, or the budget range, or time of year, or just the country. As a result you will see geographical places appearing on the screen. Check them out – they will be related to the filter you implemented, but don’t expect it to be solely about you!

⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Be patient and read about the place in general – it’s either a story of my trip or a plan to go and do things, I also mention when will I travel there – maybe you’ll join us? Then switch to more pragmatic things like What to do? , Where to stay? or even Where to party? We really tried to gather as much as possible for your pre-travel research.


Wherehaveyoubeen page

Here I encourage you to share info (isn’t it fare after seeing how much we share with you?).


Read the rules before getting involved and tell me about a special place where you’ve been to.



(you might find useful while being here around)

  • Haydi bakalim – an urge to go
  • Tavşan Surat, Tavşan – known globally as Peter Rabbit, Jack in the Box
  • Activity – not the famous board game, but the way I call everything I do during my trips. Literally, any noun with a ‘do’ in front of it placed in Tavsan’s poor-grammar way: he’s doing mosaics, doing sailing, doing farming etc.


Our partners

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